Teach Abroad Film Festival: Joe Boldis - Last Minute

ITA alumnus Joe teaches English in Peru and is 1 of 12 finalists for the International TEFL Academy 2019 Teach Abroad Film Festival: https://ita.fyi/FilmFestival

Get to know Joe more: After graduating high school Joe moved to North Dakota to work in the oilfield. After the oil collapse, he relocated himself to Australia. Upon returning to the USA he found himself in a limbo and found out about International Tefl Academy. He then set out to complete his TEFL certification in Peru where he found himself living for the next year before embarking on a 6-month backpacking trip. He is now currently back in Peru resetting himself before continuing to the next country. Nobody knows where he will end up but he is always looking for new opportunities.

Interested in getting TEFL certified & teaching English abroad like ITA alumni & Teach Abroad Film Festival 2019 finalist, Joe Boldis? https://ita.fyi/FFBrochure to find out more.

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